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RobCo provides adaptable, affordable and connected robotic automation solutions for repetitive manual tasks in industrial SMEs, based on our patented modular hardware kit and RobCo's software platform Robflow.
Our vision is to radically rethink how products are made. We offer companies the possibility to automate their production intuitively, flexibly and tailor-made with our robot kits and thus accompany them in their transformation to Industry 4.0.
In addition to the modular and intuitive set-up and conversion and the resulting versatile application possibilities of our robot kits, they stand out above all due to the unique software. We have developed software that enables the modules to understand which configuration they are currently in and for which application they are being used. This guarantees the quick and easy plug & play application of our kits without extensive programming or specialised personnel.

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Tobias Motzet
+49 89 5529 1586