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AQUASLIDE: The new generation of cooling lubricants

The Austrian development AQUASLIDE revolutionises the use of cooling lubricants in the metalworking industry. No labelling, excellent skin compatibility and uncomplicated fluid management characterise this product innovation.

The AQUASLIDE product line impresses with extremely user- and health-friendly components, but at the same time meets all requirements in terms of technical performance, system maintenance, disposal and occupational safety. AQUASLIDE is an oil- and ester-free water-based cooling lubricant that represents a health-friendly, sustainable and technically advantageous alternative to conventional cooling lubricants.

In addition, AQUASLIDE sets new standards in the area of occupational health. This is because the basis of AQUASLIDE is water, and like water it also has an effect on physical contact. Absences from work due to serious irritation of the skin or lungs are thus a thing of the past.

AQUASLIDE | ONE - One product, all applications

AQUASLIDE has been committed to a ONE PRODUCT strategy from the very beginning. This is why AQUASLIDE I ONE cooling lubricant and AQUASLIDE I ONE REFILL make-up water are suitable for use in all types of machining and for all materials. This eliminates the effort and logistics of having to keep the right cooling lubricant in stock for every machining operation.

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