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LANG Technik is a worldwide leading company in the field of clamping and automation technology. LANG Technik's product focus is on zero point and workpiece clamping technology as well as machine tool automation. With holistic, forward-looking solutions, LANG Technik helps machining companies to simplify production processes, manufacture more efficiently and make ideal use of manufacturing capacities.

Once active in contract manufacturing, LANG Technik has been developing its own product solutions since 1997 - always true to the quality seal "Made in Germany". Since then, numerous patents and trend-setting innovations have followed, which is why the company is now perceived as one of the technology leaders in the industry. Customers of all sizes, from one-man businesses to global corporations, from a wide range of industries trust in the innovative strength of LANG Technik and its 40 years of experience in machining production.

The Swabian family business has its headquarters in Holzmaden and two further locations in Germany, as well as subsidiaries in the USA, France and Switzerland. LANG Technik currently employs 150 - 200 people worldwide. The sales network also includes a total of 40 exclusive foreign representatives in over 50 countries.