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Reder Systems sees itself as a full-service provider in plant construction. From small compact systems to comprehensive central systems, we are your partner.

Extraction Systems:
Reder Systems serves the entire industry with extraction technology. From individual workstation extraction to central systems, we apply our systems in versatile ways and offer maximum flexibility through individual components.

Air Filtration Systems:
Emissions are generated in production. Our air filtration systems provide the perfect solution for clean workshop air. Our air filtration systems also master perfect air conditioning, controlling odor, humidity, and temperature.

Energy Systems:
Energy efficiency and environmental consciousness are absolutely essential for successful companies. Our individually tailored energy systems support both the production process and energy efficiency, resulting in significant cost savings.

Soundproofing Systems:
Our soundproofing panels consist of a unique and patented C-profile. This allows for individual assembly and disassembly of the panels. With special mineral wool, we achieve unparalleled sound insulation values and immense stability. The effectiveness of our soundproofing systems is unmatched and sets standards.

Chip Systems:
We construct systems for fully automatic processing of chips. Your application and requirements are at the center of our planning, ensuring comprehensive functionality. Our range extends from small systems to large compact installations.

After-Sales Systems:
With our service, we offer customers maximum convenience. We are your reliable partner for support and maintenance, ensuring your access to a variety of manufacturers and cost-effective spare parts.

We courageously explore new paths together with our customers and shape the future.